During the first application round (deadline 28th of February), we received 110 applications (Erasmus Mundus scholarship as well as self-funded students). All students will be informed about the outcome of the first evaluation in the first week of March. Good luck to all of you! From today, also the second application round is opened, which […]
The consortium published a perspective in the Journal ‘Medicine in Drug Discovery’, in which they point to the global increase in the use of medicines and its long-term impact on the ecosystem and our health. Ten principles of sustainability are proposed to be applied in drug discovery. According to the consortium, sustainability should play an […]
The S-DISCO programme originates from longstanding informal discussions between some of the partners on the need to train students in drug discovery, the challenging phase in the life cycle of a medicine that precedes first-in-human studies and clinical development. The programme is unique in that it will pay notable attention to sustainability, an aspect that […]
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