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Housing facilities

It can be quite a challenge finding accommodation in Dutch student cities. We therefore advise students to start searching for housing facilities as soon as possible. Students should be aware that the University of Groningen is not a campus university, and therefore does not offer campus accommodation.

When coming to Groningen for the first time, and applying early enough, students can rent one of the rooms the University has reserved for new international students with SSH Student Housing. SSH is a non-profit housing corporation specialised in student accommodation, with furnished rooms available for a maximum of one year. Students can choose from a single or double room or a studio. Information about pricing and how to apply can be found on the website.

When all SSH accommodations are fully booked, students need to look for private accommodation in or around Groningen. There are several ways to find private accommodation in the city. On the At Home In Groningen (AHIG) website, student rooms are offered by reliable landlords that have been screened by the municipality.

© UG, photo Jeroen van Kooten
© UG, photo Silvio Zangerini

Getting around

When visiting Groningen for the first time, students will immediately notice that there are bicycles everywhere. The Dutch are famous for cycling everywhere and Groningen is no exception to the rule. With almost twice as many bicycles as inhabitants and an infrastructure that is specifically designed to put cyclists front and centre, cycling is the most efficient and fun way to get around in Groningen. And as a bonus, it keeps you fit and healthy!

When making use of public transport, it is good to know that the University of Groningen and Student Mobility have arranged a special public transport card for international students, to make life that much easier when arriving in a new country.

International atmosphere

Annually, more than 75,000 international students come to the Netherlands, to study one of the many English degree programmes. Therefore, the university organises a range of introduction events to make international students feel right at home in Groningen:

Welcoming ceremony at the beginning of the semester

Introduction week, organized by the Erasmus Student Network Groningen

Student life

Student life is about so much more than just preparing you for a lifetime of achievement. During your time in Groningen, you’ll get to experience everything the city has to offer, from a vibrant art and music scene to a unique, student-inspired nightlife.

Moreover, the University of Groningen has a lot of activities to offer to its students, going from sports to culture and politics.

© UG, photo Elmer Spaargaren
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