Second Edition, 25-26th of March 2024

What is S-DISCO Days?

The International Master of Science in Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO) is happy to announce the second edition of the Sustainable Drug Discovery Days

Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO) Days is a two-day international scientific conference designed to enlighten and broaden perspectives on the importance of sustainability in the field of drug discovery. For the year 2024, the conference is scheduled for March 25-26 in Gdansk, Poland.

Objective: A response to the need for a sustainable future in drug development, so today’s needs get fulfilled without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Focus Areas: Drug discovery, pharmaceutical sustainability, climate change mitigation, environmental impact, and ensuring equitable access to quality medicines.


"S-DISCO Days provided an insightful and engaging platform for exploring the latest trends and advancements in drug discovery, especially the role of machine learning in drug discovery.”

“Amazing organization, even more amazing speakers. The overall conference was on a great level and I especially liked that there were presentations about the research activities at different labs within the four universities of the S-DISCO



The first day will feature:

• Two influential plenary speakers who are active in the field of sustainable drug discovery;

• Speakers from both academia and industry, highlighting emerging sustainability trends in the pharmaceutical workplace.

The second day will bring together research groups from the S-DISCO consortium to discuss their pioneering and interdisciplinary research into sustainability across the drug discovery pipeline. It will also include two workshops, giving participants practical skills to translate into their work and studies.

Final program: download


Registrations are closed.




Polpharma is the largest Polish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and a leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market. They actively operate in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Being the largest Polish pharmaceutical company, they want to help people to live a healthy life in a healthy world. Social responsibility is an integral part of the management strategy in the company.

Altium International d.o.o., based in Belgrade, is an authorized distributor of analytical equipment from Agilent Technologies for the territory of the Republic of Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. The company is responsible for equipment sales, delivery to end-users, installation, end-user training, warranty, and post-warranty repairs.


The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is the smallest faculty at Ghent University. It profiles itself by carrying out pharmaceutical teaching, multidisciplinary pharmaceutical research and services to third parties.

In the laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, problems at the chemistry-life sciences interface are addressed. A large part of their work concentrates on the development of small molecule modulators of new targets.


Join us and connect with students, scientists and experts from various institutions and industries. 

Listen to high-profile plenary keynote speeches.

Special exhibitions of proposed future research topics by partner companies and organizations.

Enjoy the activities of the event in-person or online.

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