Consortium Partners

Ghent University

Prof. Bart De Spiegeleer

Prof. Serge Van Calenbergh

Dr. Evelien Wynendaele

Medical University of Gdańsk

Prof. Bartosz Wielgomas

Prof. Michal Markuszewski

University of Groningen

Prof. Eelko Hak

Prof. Gerrit Poelarends

University of Lille

Prof. Nicolas Willand

Dr. Christophe Furman

International Master in Sustainable Drug Discovery (S-DISCO)

Ghent University

Ottergemsesteenweg 460

B-9000 Ghent, Belgium

Phone +3292648100


Associated Partners

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is a comprehensive research-intensive university with a strong international standing. The ultimate goal is to conduct education and research of the highest quality and relevance to make a long-term difference in society.

Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies are a worldwide centre of excellence for integrated pharmaceutical R&D and aim to provide the best internal and external science to transform how diseases are prevented, intercepted, treated, and cured. The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies aim to help the emerging scientific discoveries of today to be transformed into healthcare products of tomorrow by removing obstacles to allow a focus on the science and bring innovative solutions to patients.

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) School of Chemical Engineering

The Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) School of Chemical Engineering is widely ranked within the top 50 worldwide and possesses a first-rate research environment to support the mission of sustainable drug discovery, especially from the biophysical perspective. A key thrust is focused on sustainable drug delivery by utilizing biologically active molecules from nature in new and creative ways based on interfacial science principles.


LUCA AICell is a bio-platform company that develops innovative healthcare tools such as virus and cancer diagnostics, drug screening platforms, and gene delivery systems using biomimetic lipid bilayer technology (LLBTM).

University of Pavia

The University of Pavia is one of the world’s oldest academic institutions, with its foundations existing as early as the 9th Century. In addition to training and research, the University of Pavia pursues a third mission to promote the enhancement of knowledge and its impact on the economic, social and cultural development of society.


UC3M´s mission is to contribute to the improvement of society through teaching of the highest quality and cutting-edge research in line with stringent international guidelines. The University aspires to excellence in all its activities, with the aim of becoming one of the top universities in Europe. The UC3M staff has deep experience in anti-microbial drug discovery, developing new drugs in a Big Pharma for more than 20 years and developing new preclinical biomedical imaging technologies.

BioVersys AG

BioVersys AG is a privately-owned clinical stage Swiss pharmaceutical company, focusing on research and

development of small molecules acting on novel bacterial targets with applications in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and targeted microbiome modulation. With the company’s award-winning TRIC technology, we can overcome resistance mechanisms, block virulence production and directly affect the pathogenesis of harmful bacteria, towards the identification of new treatment options in the antimicrobial and microbiome fields.

DSI/NWU Preclinical Drug Development Platform (PCDDP)

The DSI/NWU Preclinical Drug Development Platform (PCDDP) is a national facility hosted by the North-West University (NWU), Potchefstroom, South Africa. The PCDDP contributes to building the pharmaceutical industry in South Africa as a national testing platform for qualitative and quantitative preclinical studies, accessible by research institutions and companies. The PCDDP has a state-of-the-art AAALAC accredited and GLP compliant, animal testing facility equipped with environmental control and data capturing systems for conducting preclinical studies.


Junia, school of transitions, contributes to major challenges: feeding the planet, developing digital and industrial transformation, accelerating the energy and urban transition, strengthening technologies for health and well-living. Today, value chains and business models are changing. It is necessary to rebuild, to think more agile, more sustainable, and more relevant, while challenging design, development, and production methods.

Universidad Católica de Santa María

Founded in 1961, Universidad Católica de Santa María is a private higher-education institution located in the metropolis of Arequipa, Peru. Universidad Católica de Santa María offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees in several areas of study.

Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry

The Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry is the main center of physical-chemical biology and biotechnology in Russian Federation. It is included in the Department of biological sciences of Russian academy of sciences and performs activities connected with biochemical research of living matter. It researches molecular mechanisms of vital processes and their practical use in medicine and agriculture. Moreover, the Institute develops fundamental and applied aspects of biotechnologies.


As a biotech company, Par'Immune builds on a 20 years’ legacy of academic research around the parasite-derived biologic P28GST with immunomodulatory properties, to be used in the treatment of aggressive inflammatory autoimmune diseases. They are performing discovery programs, mainly in silico and in vitro, for the development of new generations of this product and to identify new compounds with immunoregulatory properties.

Jimma University

Jimma University aspires to be one of the premier universities in Africa. The mission of the university is to train high caliber national and international professionals, undertaking quality and problem solving research, serving and engaging communities through its innovative Community Based Education. The university hosts a number of disciplines including chemistry, material science, plant science, plant and animal biotechnology and the diversified research based graduate programs.

Wuhan University (WHU)

Wuhan University (WHU) is a comprehensive and key national university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. In order to expand students' global vision and cultivate internationally competitive talents, Wuhan University actively develops foreign exchanges and cooperation, and builds a platform for students to go abroad for exchange and learning.

Federal University of Technology Minna

Federal University of Technology, Minna has considerable experience in managing and implementing large projects with regards to drug discovery. The Global Institute for Bio Exploration (GIBEX) for example is a global research and development network that promotes ethical, natural product-based pharmacological bio exploration to benefit human health and the environment in developing countries.

Intestinal Biotech Development

Intestinal Biotech Development provides leading-edge research services in digestive diseases. Our expertise includes all aspects of intestinal and hepatic inflammation, visceral pain, and metabolic issues. We are collaborating and partnering with an outstanding team of clinicians and a world-class academic research center dedicated to IBD.

Nuclear Medicine Research Infrastructure (NuMeRI)

Nuclear Medicine Research Infrastructure (NuMeRI) is a one-stop-shop medical imaging facility dedicated to drug development and clinical research. It is situated in the South African health and pharmaceutical sphere and complements the drug discovery programmes at various Universities; it will provide a platform for obtaining faster drug go-no-go decision for lead compounds using imaging as a tool to visualize at an early stage in the drug discovery process how the compound distributes in a living organism.


Bayer concentrates its R&D activities on innovative treatment alternatives to improve patients’ quality of life and prolong lives. The focus is on therapeutic areas with a high medical need, where more innovations are needed despite considerable progress. Bayer leverages advances in analytics and digitalization to accelerate drug discovery and to improve the drug development productivity in terms of quality, cost and cycle time: combinatorial chemistry, computation chemistry & structural biology, virtual drug tests.

West China School of Pharmacy

West China School of Pharmacy was initially founded in 1918. With more than one hundred years of excellence in pharmacy education and research, the school represents one of the cradles of pharmacy education in China. The research platforms at the school includes “Key Laboratory of Drug-Targeting and Drug Delivery System of the Education Ministry”, “Sichuan Engineering Laboratory for Plant-Sourced Drug”, “Sichuan Research Centre for Drug Precision Industrial Technology”, and an independent analytic center equipped with over 40 large instruments worth over 100 million RMB in total, providing supports for research and education.

S-DISCO Community

The S-DISCO community consists of alumni as well as sympathizers (“family”) of this programme. Different family members already expressed their support towards the S-DISCO programme, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC), and prof. David Craik from the University of Queensland (Australia).

World Health Organisation (WHO)

European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (EFMC)

prof. David Craik from the University of Queensland (Australia)

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